— México —


Northern Impressions

Attire brand
aiming to express
the essence of living and feeling
with a contemporary northern twist.

A very limited series of hand-made garments
designed to reflect
and identify
each being
within their personality
and life principles.

under the conviction
of a multifactorial reality as a result
of questioning the status-quo 
of the now and the immediate.

Unique attires that understand life
from details,
that at frenzy
and speed,
are usually scorned.

Clean geometries
that give the  unexpected an opportunity to exist.

Astonishing limited pieces that
highlights the individuality of
the being.

One of a kind materials harvested
through our journey as an outcome 
of the imaginary.

Produced at home
under personal
attention looking for perfection in finishes and best in class quality, 
mastering the handmade work to
celebrate humanness and the confluence 
of the crafter and the carrier.